How to use Paytm in 2019

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the denomination of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes, Paytm and other mobile wallets have grown tremendously. Lack of cash on hand and long lines made digital wallets a necessity for ordinary people – at least smartphones – to bring Paytm’s preferences to the top of the user’s mind.

Paytm claims it has 150 million users as the largest online payment platform in the country. Despite this, there are still many others in India who have not yet been able to use Paytm and its digital wallet. Are you too confused about what Paytm is, how Paytm works, and what you can do with it? Then read this guide for using Paytm.

What is Paytm?

One7 Communication Ownership of PAYTM is a digital payment platform that allows you to transfer cash through online banking, debit cards and credit cards, or even through a select bank and partners to a cash integrated wallet. Using Money in Paytm Wallet You can pay for a number of items without using cash.

The transactions you can make at Paytm include recharge of mobile phones, metro cards, DTH cables, data cards, etc. You can also pay postpaid for mobile phones, landlines / broadband, electricity, water and gas bills, etc. Book tickets for flights, movies, hotel rooms and more and pay to ride an Uber cab using the platform. Please understand. As an extra, you can buy products on the company’s e-commerce platform using Moneybag, and even make offline payments to 8 million merchants, Paytm claims.

Paytm is one of India’s largest mobile payment and trading platforms. Launched in Delhi / NCR in the 21st, the online payment platform helps millions of Indians transfer money instantly, since the inception of the Paytm Wallet, along with its non-stop activities, has become a necessity for almost every smartphone.

The online payment platform helps people transfer money from their bank account to Paytm Wallet, which offers Paytm Money Transfer services in more places such as petrol pumps, department stores, restaurants, multiplexes, parking lots, hospitals and various places where merchants can pay bills. Paytm users can use it to bill (mobile, gas, electricity and others) and to book tickets (movies, trains and others) among others.

Available on the Paytm Wallet website as well as in the form of mobile applications. This gives users the option to choose the platform they are most comfortable with. This gives them the freedom to access the Paytm Wallet account and make transactions from anywhere and at any time.

What is Paytm Wallet?

The above mentioned PAYTM wallet is a digital payment instrument where you can transfer money from your bank account or credit card to making a transaction on the platform. You need to set up an account using your mobile phone number and email id to set up a Paytm account and transfer cash to Moneybags. You get Rs.10000 in a wallet; If you want to increase the monthly limit, you can complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) processor. With this you can have up to 5 bucks. 1 lakh in Paytm Wallet anytime.

Paytm Wallet is a digital account at Paytm where you can transfer money from your bank account or credit card to making a platform transaction. Once you open a Paytm account with just email id, you can transfer cash to mobile number for Rs. 10,000 in a month in the wallet. By completing KYC (Get to Know Your Customer) you can increase the monthly limit on PAYTM wallets by 1 lakh. Banks and wallet companies need to follow some customer identification methods that help in identity theft, fraud and money laundering. You submitted proof of identity and proof of address.

You can physically do this where a Paytm representative comes to your house with a blank KYC form, you attach a passport-sized photo and provide a self-attested copy of proof of identity and address or do this in a paperless way through the Aadhaar-based IKYC (Electronic-Know Your Customer) process. Paytm Agent runs a fast and easy eKYC process using a mobile-based biometric scanner. Customer consent is also ensured using Aadhaar-based e-sign.

How to use Paytm and Paytm Wallet?

  • For Paytm Wallet and cashless transactions, follow the steps below:
  • Use your mobile number and email id
  • Add Money to Paytm Wallet using NetBanking, Debit Card or Credit Card
  • To transfer money, select the ‘Pay or Send’ option
  • Make payments to other or Paytm bank accounts by scanning the QR code
  • Alternatively, you can send money to another Paytm user with their phone number

How to use Paytm for offline payments?

You can pay cash-less using Paytm Wallet without an internet connection. If a retailer accepts Paytm as a payment method, you can provide QR codes or bar codes with one-time passwords (OTPs). To do this, you’ll need to open the app, select the ‘Pay or Send’ option and select between QR codes or bar codes (provided on two separate tabs). Just scan the code and enter the OTP to allow offline payments. This feature can be especially useful right now when the entire country is facing a cash crisis and the internet connection is still not good enough to facilitate online transactions.

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Is Paytm Wallet Safe?

Security at the forefront of a digital age is top of mind, but Paytm which is an RBI-approved wallet – says that the money you put in your wallet is secured in a 128-bit encryption technology, which means the secret key used in the transaction is 128 bit sequences and nothing short of password length or content. The platform is PCI DSS 2.0 Certified, which means it does not store credit card data in encrypted form Security is the key to any digital, but Paytm – which is called an RBI-approved wallet – means you have it in the wallet. “Secured under an account with a reputable bank “Paytm Verizon-certified 128-bit encryption technology which means the secret key used in the transaction is a 128-bit sequence and does not reveal anything about the password length or the content. The platform is PCI DSS 2.0 certified, which means it doesn’t store credit card data in encrypted form.

What are some alternatives to Paytm?

While Paytm is the dominant player in the digital payment space, others are now far behind. This category is popular with Snapdeal, MobiQuick, Ola Money and PhonePe that each has its own unique features.

How to open a new Paytm account?

You can download the Paytm app on your smartphone (Google Playstore, Apple iTunes, Windows) or visit its website

  1. Click sign up.
  2. Enter your mobile number, email id and desired password (you can change the password and other details) and click Continue.
  3. Paytm will send an OTP or confirmation code to your mobile number.
  4. Enter it to confirm your mobile number, and after you do so, you’ll see your Paytm Account Profile page. You can enter your name and other details to complete your profile.

How to add money to Paytm Wallet?

Go to on the Internet and login to your Paytm account and click on the “Paytm Wallet” icon in the top right of the home page or click on the Add Money tab in the app.

  1. Enter the amount and click “Add Money”
  2. If you have a promotional / voucher field, apply a promotional code. If you do not have a promo code, leave the field blank and click “Continue Processing”.
  3. You can choose to add money through Credit / Debit Card, Net Banking, IMPS or ATM Card.
  4. You will be redirected to a secure payment page where you will be provided with payment details.
  5. Choose a payment method, you can save the method for future use.
  6. If you have a secured credit or debit card, it will be displayed on the front and all you have to do is enter the CVV number and go to the bank page. If you don’t have a secured credit or debit card, you can save a card for a quick payment next time.
  7. After completing the transaction, you will be redirected to Paytm with the money added to your Paytm wallet.

How do I transfer Paytm money to a friend’s Paytm Wallet?

You cannot send money through website, you will need to download Paytm App to use this feature.

  1. If the person to whom you send the money does not have a Paytm account, Paytm will send them a link via SMS where they can create a Paytm account. If they do not create a Paytm account within 3 days of sending your money, Paytm will refund the money to your Paytm Wallet.
  2. Transmitting money to another person is completely free and the sender receives the full amount sent to you.
  3. You can send up to 25,000 rupees a calendar month. The amount of money that can be sent to another Paytm customer and bank account cannot exceed Rs 25,000 in a calendar month.

Sending money through Paytm is really fast and easy

  1. Open the Paytm app.
  2. Tap the pay or send icon.
  3. Tap on the mobile number option.
  4. Enter the mobile number of the person you want to send the money to. You can choose the mobile number from the contacts stored on your device by tapping the address book icon next to the mobile number field.
  5. Enter the amount you want to send.
  6. You can specify the reason for sending the money. This field is optional.
  7. Tap to send.

If your Paytm Wallet Balance has sufficient balance, the money will be successfully sent to the mobile number you entered.

If you do not have sufficient balance, you will be redirected to the payment details page, where you can add and send money to your Paytm Wallet.

The person to whom you send the money will receive an SMS / email and push notification stating that they have received the money from you (if they have Paytm App).

How do I recharge mobile at PAYTM?

  1. To recharge, follow these steps:
  2. Enter mobile number
  3. Select your current operator (if it shows your previous operator).
  4. Enter the value of the recharge.
  5. Enter your Paytm password (or create a password for the first time).

How do I pay at Merchant Outlets (Offline) using OTP?

To make OTP payments with acceptable merchants, you must first share your phone number with the merchant. Then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Paytm app and tap Pay or send
  2. Now, tap on the show code
  3. The six-digit code will appear on your device’s screen. Share it with the merchant.
  4. Instead you can share the OTP received as SMS.
  5. The confirmation will be forwarded to you and the merchant.

How to pay at Merchant Outlets (Offline) using QR Code?

If a merchant who is not on the Internet, accepts Paytm cash offline, you can easily pay for their services using QR codes and one-time passwords (OTPs). You can pay cash-less using Paytm Wallet without internet connection.

Paytm has now introduced the QR (Quick Response) code feature in its app. Now you can pay only by auto scanning your Paytm wallet or vegetable shopkeeper by scanning their QR code. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the app on your mobile device and tap Pay or send
  2. Now, your phone’s Camera app will open.
  3. Scan the merchant’s QR code.
  4. Enter the amount you are about to transfer and then press Pay.
  5. If you have enough money in your wallet, the transaction will be completed successfully.
  6. If you have a low Wallet Balance, you will be redirected to the Payment page.
  7. Add money to your wallet (mentioned earlier) and complete the transaction.
  8. A confirmation SMS will be sent to you and the merchant to complete the transaction successfully.

Recent News about Paytm

Users who have not completed their KYC can still buy the gift voucher on the platform and still load money into their Paytm account. While RBI attempts to disable mandatory KYC rules, however, is far more restrictive than standard Paytm Wallet usage.

Gift vouchers provided by Paytm Payments Bank deny a claim for the application “Paytm can be used wherever it is accepted (e.g., recharges, bill payments, Uber, Zomato, shopping)”. These gift vouchers are not transferable, so users will not be able to use them to send money to others or even send it back to their own account. These gift vouchers also come with a one-year expiration date.

When users choose the ‘Add Money’ option on Paytm, they will receive a popup letting them know that the amount will be added as a gift voucher and they must agree to its terms before continuing. The Reserve Bank of India has stated that companies will not comply with its full KYC (know your customer) guidelines after expiry even if customers do not lose money from mobile wallets. However, the usability of the wallet will be severely limited.

Reloading on wallets and remittances can only be resumed after completing KYC requirements. With the wallet available on MoneyBags, users will be able to trade for purchases. Users who want to withdraw the balance amount (in wallets) can close their PPI account and transfer money to their bank account.


Paytm acts as a virtual wallet. Paytm app is best for individuals who find it difficult to make payments of DTH, Mobile recharge, or send money to friends, pay for purchases across various brands and services like Uber, Makemytrip, Bookmyshow etc. The Reserve Bank of India has set a basic monthly limit.

Paytm offers many attractive coupons that give you great discounts on a wide range of sites and products. On each successful recharge, the coupons are delivered to the mail ID. Customers will be the only ones who have the promo code and can get a discount by entering the code on the payment mode screen. Paytm online transactions are considered secure as millions of users make transactions on Paytm’s secure payment platform every month. In 2016, Paytm got approval to operate the RBI-declared India Bill Payments as Operating Unit. This allows Paytm customers to pay all their bills under the India Bill Payment System (BPS) anytime and anywhere, as Paytm is the only company licensed to provide a platform to provide these services. Paytm has become the first virtual wallet to receive a green signal from the Reserve Bank of India to launch its payment bank and it is expected to start next month. Paytm users can easily and conveniently send or send payments to their contacts or to merchants who use Paytm service via smartphone. Paytm aims to create a new business model in the banking industry. Focusing on bringing financial services to each individual and small business entrepreneur. After a successful transaction, it takes 24 hours for the cashback to be deposited into your Paytm Wallet. In case of shopping, the cashback will be credited to your Paytm Wallet within 24 hours of sending your item. In the case of EMI, cashback is credited when the return period is over.