How to Check Paytm Balance

Paytm Recharge or Balance Check via SMS or Missed Call. You can use Paytm Services offline, in other words, you can use Paytm for recharge or you can check the balance of your Paytm account with just a missed call or sending an SMS. Paytm is becoming popular day by day, but it was only for Internet users but now you can use Paytm for recharge without internet with the steps below. In order to use these services, you need Paytm Money in your Paytm wallet, you cannot recharge your debit/credit cards offline, you must add money with your Paytm Money, but you can check Paytm Balance or you can recharge offline. Without wasting too much time, let’s talk about how you can use Paytm to recharge or check Balance via SMS or misseded call.

Paytm Payment History

Launch the Paytm app on your mobile. Before receiving the Passbook Statement, make sure you are logged into your Paytm Wallet. Then select the time period for which you want to generate a statement. Next, a confirmation will appear so you can find your statement in your Registered Email ID showing the online payment platform helps people transfer money from their bank account to Paytm Wallet, which offers. Paytm Money Transfer services such as petrol pumps, department stores, restaurants, multiplexes, parking lots, hospitals and various places where the business is going on, they can pay the bills in different places. Paytm users can book it on one bill (mobile, gas, electricity and others) and tickets (movies, trains and others) among others. If you open the app, there will be an option for “Passbook”. Generally, the monthly limit for general accounts is 20,000. However, since Paytm has introduced new updates for KYC users. The service allows you to transfer your balance to bank account up to Rs. 5,000 at a time, with a limit of 25,000 per month. If you are a merchant you can earn Rs. 50,000, the limit is Rs. 1 million if you are a user who has done KYC.

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Open your phone’s dialer first

Dial the number – 1800-1800-1234 and follow the on-screen instructions

Steps to use Paytm for recharge via SMS

For general recharge:

Open your phone’s message centre

Then type “PAYTM <Space> Recharge

Amount “and send it to 09880001234

For special recharge:

Open your phone’s message centre

Type “PAYTM <Space> Recharge Amount SPL” and send it to 09880001234

Steps to check Paytm Wallet Balance via SMS

Open your phone’s message centre.

SMS: BAL to 09880001234

So it was a great offer from Paytm for recharge or check balance via SMS or Missed Call. These codes are tested by us and working perfectly and are 100% valid and original. It is better to use Paytm online but it is better to use this service on an urgent basis, if your internet connection is closed, save these codes in a note file and use them when you want to recharge. However, there are rare situations where the transaction is not successful but the funds are deducted from your bank account. This is usually post-deduction when your banks do not provide us with a successful or unsuccessful transaction status within the time or we are not able to get the exact status from the bank due to network problems at the bank end. Therefore, it takes a little longer to process these national transactions. Payments keeps checking with your bank at regular intervals to see if your transaction was successful. If your transaction is successful, the money will be added to your wallet immediately. In unsuccessful cases or cases where we do not receive final success / failure status within 48 hours, we urge your bank to immediately refund

Upon this request, your bank processes the refund and immediately shares a Return Reference Number (RRN) with us. The time taken by your bank to transfer this money to your account / card is beyond our control. You can contact your bank customer care to find timelines as per the internal process. Please note that your money is safe in all circumstances and if your transaction fails, your money will be returned to you.


Remember the cash crunch we all saw in 2012, which is the “demonetisation” period? Yes it was frustrating for many (and for some other reasons even more frustrating for some) but going forward, during the Demonetisation period, Paytm was an app that was truly huge in India. Since depositing cash in the bank account was the only option. And so many families had a huge cash crunch. So, at that time it was rather obligatory to be cashless and make online transactions. But now, a few years later, when everything is sorted, using the Paytm app has truly become a habit for everyone to use smartphones. Basically, now we physically forget to carry cash! And that’s because of Paytm.

But if you are literally living under a rock and don’t know what Paytm is, this is a digital payment instrument where you can transfer money from your bank account or credit card or debit card to transactions on the platform. Simply, it is a safe and secure form that we simplify the process of online transactions. But with all these daily transactions, it’s hard to know the balance in your Paytm wallet. And beyond transactions, there are a number of websites that promote using Paytm Wallet to get a discount on your total payments (simplification payments and discounts like a jackpot). So, if you want to quickly recharge someone or buy a movie ticket or any other reason to know your Paytm Wallet Balance fast, you are in the right place!

So, there were the above steps by which a person can check Paytm Wallet Balance on their smartphone without any struggle. Now, the cash in your Paytm moneybag can be used to pay bills in various locations such as gasoline pumps, department stores, restaurants, multiplexes, hospitals and in various places where merchants provide Paytm Money Transfer services.